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Monday, February 6, 2012

Will the flu vaccine give me the flu?

About half the people I ask if they have had their flu shot this year tell me they don’t want it because when they get the flu shot they usually get the flu. Okay here is the short and long of this one. The question is “does the flu vaccine give me the flu?” the short answer is no and the long answer is… potentially. Let’s explore the long answer.

If you are getting the shot then the answer is most defiantly NOT. I don’t care what tricks your hypochondriatic mind is playing on you, the flu shot does not give you the flu. The stuff in the flu shot is only a small, inactive or synthesized version of part or all of the flu virus, just enough to get your body to develop antibodies. Does this mean you won’t get flu like symptoms? No, in fact some people do get flu like symptoms for a day or so after the injection but that is just their body developing the antibodies. Regardless of how you feel the day after the shot you do not get the flu from it and your symptoms are not contagious.

Now the vaccine you inhale is a different story all together. This is an weakend form of the LIVE virus or in other words they took a live virus and "mostly" killed it then they have you sniff the "mostly" dead bodies up your nose. In rare cases those bodies can, in fact, cause you to get the virus and the results can be contagious. That is just the risk you have to take if you are scared of needles.

Why do they ask if you are allergic to eggs before getting a flu shot? Well that is simple. When they synthesize the DNA of the virus using restriction enzymes they cultivate it in a medium known as egg whites. Later in the process the egg whites are all removed but the residual may still linger. If you are allergic to eggs this does not mean you are going to have a reaction to the shot it only means you might have one.

Getting the flu vaccine does not mean you won't get the flu. they only vaccinate you against the most prevalent flu viruses from the previous flu season.

Does the government inject you with a mind control drug or a tracking chip? Well if I told you that I would have to kill you… but let’s just say I know where you went last summer and you only think you went there because you wanted to.

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